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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman



Noes from records:

1880, Winston Co., MS ED 168, Sheet 21: John F. Breazeale, 25, MS/SC?AL Mary D., wife, 26, AL/AL/AL John W., son, 4, MS
James J., son, 2, MS

Attala Co., MS, 1900, ED 13, Sheet 11: John F. Breazeale, b. Feb 1855, MS/AL/AL Mary D., wife, b. Dec 1851, MS/AL/AL Hohn H., son, b. Oct 1876, MS James J., son, b. Feb 1878, MS Mary A., daughter, b. Sept 1880, MS Rufus E., son, b. Jan 1885, MS Lillie B., daughter, b. Jan 1888, MS Lora R., daughter, b. July 1889, MS

1920, Neshoba County, MS, page 16: Breazeale, John F., 65, m MS Mary D., 69, f, Alabam

Mary Delitha(Dove?) BYRD ( BIRD?)

Possible middle name is Dove instead of Delitha

Joined the Old Pearl Valley Church in 1872 "by experience."