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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Frances Marion BRELAND

Ordained minister, Missionary Baptist, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Neshoba Co, MS, September 10, 1897.

- Obituary from The Neshoba Democrat, July 9, 1925.

Penalope Perry KIRKLAND

1886-Penelope was baptised, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.

Oliver Franklin BRELAND

1862/1863: Lt. in the Civil War, fought at Vicksburg, Company E., Kth MS state troops, Company G, Lth MS Calvary.

Manerva ODOM

Her son Frances Marion Breland's death cert states that she was born in SC? Data furnished by FMB's 3rd wife DeLula. This information was gathered from the database of Edward Breland.

William ( Eugene?) ODOM

War of 1812, 13th Regiment, Mississippi Militia.

1815 Marion Co., MS signed Petition to Congress.

1820 Lived in Pike Co., MS

1825, 1827, 1830 was on tax list in Hinds Co., MS

1830 on tax list in Madison Co., MS

1833 sold land in Madison Co., MS and on tax list.

1837-38 on tax list in Madison Co.

1838 on tax list in Newton Co.

1839 on tax list in Hinds Co.

1840 lived in Newton Co.

1845 on the Newton Co. census.

1850 on Hancock Co. census.

Some Odom researchers have sent emails saying that William's middle name was not Eugene. Until I have physical evidence to prove one way or the other, I will leave the information as is on the database.

Shadrack ODOM

These Odoms may be related to Abram Odom, R. S., that fought at the Battle of Camden, SC in the Revolutionary War.

Abraham Breler( Breelo) BRELAND

Research Notes:

Luke Ward Conerly, Pike Co., MS 1798-1876, p.82 Tombstone of Abraham Breler. DAR #621597, Susan Clark Slaymaker, ancestors Abraham Breler, Absolem Breler. Robert Edmond Lee Breland, unpublished manuscript, Breland Family History, p. 9. Charles Greogory Breland, The Breland Families of the Southern States 1755-1850. pp. 2-6, 4-1, 5-3, 5-12. 1755, Beaufort County, NC, tax list. 1762, Pitt, formerly Beaufort Co.,NC, tax list, with John Hurley, 2 whites. 1762, Pit County, NC, bought land, Tison Creek. 1763, 1764, Pitt County, NC, tax lists. 1768, Pitt Co., NC sold land, Tison Creek, witnessed by James Breler. 1769, St. Peter's Parish, Granville Co., SC, land grant, Black Swamp. 1775, St. Peter's Parish, Granville Co., SC, land grant. 1778, St. Peter's Parish, Granville Co., SC, jury list. 1779, St. Peter's Parish, Granville Co., SC, jury list. 1783, Beaufort District, SC, jury list. 1786, Beaufort District, SC, land grand on Savannah River. 1789, Beaufort District, SC, land grant on Savannah River. 1780, Beaufort District, SC, census, Abrah Breelo, 3m?16, 4f, 5s. 1800, Beaufort District, SC, census. p 116, Abraham Breeler, 1m>45, 1f>45. 1810, Beaufort District, SC, census, p. 106, Jami Breland, 1f>45. 1811, MS, moved to with daughter Lydia and grandson William Odom, March-1811, GA.

Patience Breler BRELAND

Birth date garnered from Interenet genealogy sites containing same family line.

Elisha Breler BRELAND

Several genealogy lines posted on the Internet have the birthdate at 1761.

Amos Breler BRELAND

Notes of Edward Breland (, ,
about Amos Breland:

He owned land in the area but haven't been able to trace the disposition of his ownership (as of 5/2002). He was listed in 1790 census as AMOS BREELO and then in 1820 as AMOS BRELAND. The composite of children from the censuses shows that he and his wife (name unknown) had at least 4 girls and 3 boys. The names of the males are thought to be Benjamin, Hezekiah and ISAIAH. It is possible that they moved to Mississippi (as did many of the Breland family members) after the 1820 census in which he and his wife were shown to be 45+ years of age. He served in Rev War but his name was misspelled BRETER, and this caused problems in establishing a pension based on this service.

William Fedrick KIRKLAND

Son of Elijah Washington? Kirkland and Sarah Rebecca Federick

1853 Bought 320 acres of land from his father for a buck.

1858 William and Lucinda dismissed by letter from Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.

1865 - Fed chosen church delegate by Mt. Sinai Baptist Church.

About 1865 he was a Sargent in the Civil War, Company E, 40th MS Infantry.

- Minutes of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church, Neshoba County, MS, 1886 ChurchRoll.
- Death Notice of William F. Kirkland, Neshoba Democrat, May 29, 1902.
- 1857 Neshoba County, MS Tax Roll.
- 1860 Lauderdale County, MS Tax Roll.
- 1860 Lauderdale County, MS census, Page 134, #934/910: W. F. Kirkland,30, AL, Mary L., 26, MS, Rebecca A., 6, MS, Elijah, 4, MS, Margaret, 2,MS, Richard, 6 mo., MS.
- Served as Sergeant of Company D, 11th Regiment, Mississippi Volunteers,CSA, and Company E, 40th Mississippi Infantry, CSA.
- 1865, Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Minutes, Neshoba County, MS: FedKirkland chosen as Church Delegate.
- 1870 Neshoba County, MS Census, page 304, #522/522: William Kirkland,39, AL, Mary L., 35, MS, Rebecca M., 16, MS, Elijah W., 14, MS, MargaretA., 12, MS, Richard S., 10, MS, Sarah C., 7, MS, Albert E., 5, MS,William F., 1, MS.
- 1873 Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Minutes, Neshoba County, MS: William andLucinda Kirkland on Church Roll.
- 1880 Neshoba County, MS Census, page 452, #134/134: William F.Kirkland, 49, AL, father SC, mother AL, Mary L., 44, AL, father KY,mother MS, Richard S, 20, MS, S. Casella, 16, MS, Albert E., 14, MS,William F. 9, MS, Penelope P., 7, MS.
- 1882 Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Minutes, William and Lucinda Kirkland onChurch Roll.
- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census, page 103, #43/44: Albert E. Kirkland,1869, MS, William F., father, 1830, 69, widowed.