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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Shadrack Nathaniel ODOM

Died of wounds suffered in battle in AL. Died in Ocmulgee Hospital.

Lost a leg in the battle. Believed to have died from pneumonia after the amputation.

Belivied to have body buried in Rose Hill Cemetery with other soldiers that died in this hospital.

An article from the Central Georgia Genealogical Society journal about the Old Macon City Cemetery...... In it, it is stated "During the War Between the States, 265 Confederates who died in the hospital in Macon were buried on the only unoccupied plot of ground with its limits...In 1872 the remains of those soldiers were removed to Rose Hill Cemetery," so that may be the actual place he is located. The Confederate graves are marked by small white crosses.

The list of patients admitted to Ocmulgee Hospital is on microfilm in the geneology room of Middle Ga Regional Library in Macon. There is no index, but if you know date, would be quicker.