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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Anthony SMITH







1803-Constable, Duplin Co.

1805-served on jury, Duplin Co. 1810-witnessed deer with John Gully, Dulpin Co.,(not sure what this means). 1810-served on jury, Duplin Co. 1812-served on grand jury, Duplin Co. 1830, 1840 on Monroe Co., AL census.

Felix FEDERICK ?Frederick

Marriage Record (bondsmen George Norris and Felix Kenan; Frances T. Ingmire, Duplin Co., NC, Marriage Records, 1755-1868, p. 11; Cora Bass, Marriage Bonds of Duplin County, NC, 1749-1868, p. 38)

Will of Felix Fredrick/Frederick (William L. Murphy, Genealogical Abstracts of Duplin Co. Wills, 1730-1860, p. 53)

1779, Duplin Co., NC, land grant.

1784, Duplin Co., NC, bought land on Goshen Swamp and Bear Branch, adjacent to land he already owned.

1785, Duplin Co., NC bought land on Big Branch.

1786, Duplin Co., NC, jury, grand jury.

1787, Duplin Co., NC tailor, bought land.

1789, 1791, Duplin Co., NC jury.

1793, Duplin Co., NC, overseer of roads.

1794, Duplin Co., NC proved will of Lemuel Guy.

1796, 1797, Duplin Co., NC, jury.

1798, Duplin Co., NC, overseer of roads.

1805, Duplin Co., NC, bought land.

1805, 1812, Duplin Co., NC, jury.