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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Joseph Willoby CLARK

- 1900, Neshoba County, Mississippi census, # 29/29: Joseph W. Clark, w,m, 28, MS/MS/MS; Josephine I. A., w, f, 23, MS/MS/MS; Temple T. W., w, m,8, MS/MS/MS; Doris E., w, m, 7, MS/MS/MS; Casea L., w, f, 5, MS/MS/MS;Oma L., w, f, 3, MS/MS/ MS; Ina Levina, w, f, 2, MS/MS/MS; Joseph P. A.,w, m, 1 month, MS/MS/MS.


- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census: Riley A. Johnson, head, w, m, 26, MS,Mattie A., wife, w, f, 22, MS, Dollie A., w, f, 6 mo., MS, Sarah, mother,w, f, 60, MS.