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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Columbus M. STROUD

- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census: Columbus M. Stroud, head, w, m, 38, MS,Zilpha J., wife, w, f, 39, MS, Ida V., w, f, 17, MS, Laura E., w, f, 10,MS, Daniel, father, w, m, 68, TN, Nancy A. M., mother, w, f, 65, GA.

James Oliver JOHNSON

- Another birth date from WW I registration was April 1, 1900.

George Washington JOHNSON

2 DATE BET. 1862 - 1865
2 PLAC Company E, 40th Mississippi Regiment, CSA

- 1870 Neshoba County, MS Census, page 67: George W. Johnson, 29, m, w,MS, Sarah A., 30, f, w, LA, Cornelia E., 9, f, w, MS, Ann E. 3, f, w, MS.
- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census: George W. Johnson, head, w, m, 59, MS,Elizabeth E. A., wife, w, f, 50, MS, Burrel T., w, m, 11, MS.


- 1900 census states that she was the mother of 4 children, but only 2were living.

James Leroy JOHNSON

- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census: James L. Johnson, head, w, m, 29, MS,Mary A., wife, w, f, MS, Lela V., w, f, 7, MS, John A., w, m, 5, MS,William, w, m, 3, MS, James O., w, m, 1, MS.