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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman


Hiram Perry HARRISON

- 1860 Neshoba County, MS Census, page 73: H. P. Harrison, 32, m, farmer,AL, Nancy L., 20, f, MS, Amanda L., 1, f, MS.


- Died at age 4 years.

Thomas Andrew JOHNSON

- 1900 Neshoba County, MS Census: Thomas A. Johnson, head, w, m, 38, MS,Emma L., wife, w, f, 32, MS, Sarah B., w, f, 12, MS, Irvin W., w, m, 10,MS, Josaphine A., w, f, 5, MS, James M., w, m, 3, MS, Ola T. (should beOlaff), w, m, 1, MS.
- Copy of Death Certificate in files.

Roy Edward JOHNSON

- Grave is unmarked.

Nora Judson RHODES

- Grave is unmarked.

Albert Ross JOHNSON

- Birth date from WW I registration was June 29, 1873.