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Family Tree of Hixie Clark and Lamar Pittman

Absolom BRELAND [Parents] was born on 22 Jan 1790 in SC. He died in Mar 1849 in Greene County, MS. He married Elizabeth Isabelle SMITH Unknown.


Elizabeth Isabelle SMITH was born on 1 Apr 1792. She died in 1902. She married Absolom BRELAND Unknown.


They had the following children:

  F i Sidney A. BRELAND
  M ii Samuel S. BRELAND
  F iii Sarah Louise BRELAND was born on 30 Jan 1819 in SC. She died on 2 Sep 1900. She was buried in Daughdrill Cemetery, Greene Co., MS. [Notes]
  M iv Asa BRELAND was born on 23 Jun 1821. He died in 1903. He was buried in Asa Breland Cemetery, Greene County, MS. [Notes]
  M v Hiram Jackson BRELAND was born on 13 May 1824 in Florida Spanish Territory. He died in Feb 1891. [Notes]
  F vi Mary A. BRELAND was born on 20 Nov 1826 in Perry Co., MS. She died ? in Leaf, Green Co., MS. [Notes]
  F vii Matilda BRELAND was born on 11 Feb 1830. [Notes]
  F viii Elizabeth Emily BRELAND was born on 2 May 1833. [Notes]

Absolem Breler BRELAND [Parents] was born before 1755 in Beaufort/Pitt Co., NC. He died in 1820 in Beaufort Co., SC. He married Poss: Dorcas ? in 1780/1785.


Poss: Dorcas ?.Poss: married Absolem Breler BRELAND in 1780/1785.


They had the following children:

  M i Albert G. BRELAND was born about 1796 in South Carolina. He died on 8 Feb 1879.
  F ii Jemimah BRELAND
  M iii John BRELAND was born on 11 Jun 1794 in South Carolina. He died on 14 May 1875 in Louisiana.
  M iv Elisha BRELAND
  M v Absolom BRELAND
  M vi Hiram BRELAND
  M vii Jesse BRELAND
  M viii Hezekiah BRELAND was born after 1800. [Notes]
  M ix ??Jeremiah BRELAND was born after 1800. [Notes]
  M x Edward BRELAND
  M xi Joseph T. BRELAND
  M xii Lemuel M. BRELAND
  M xiii Reuben Richard BRELAND was born in 1815. [Notes]

William DAVIDSON.William married Jemimah BRELAND Date Unknown.

Jemimah BRELAND [Parents] was born in 1780/1790 in South Carolina. She died - 27 Jul 1849. She married William DAVIDSON Date Unknown.

Thomas MORRIS was born about 1725 in Spotsylvania Co., VA. He died in Mar 1790/1798 in Chester Co., SC. He married Cathrene GARRETT about 1751 in Unknown.


Cathrene GARRETT was born about 1730 in VA. She died before 27 Jun 1787 in Camden District, SC. She married Thomas MORRIS about 1751 in Unknown.

They had the following children:

  F i Jamima MORRIS
  M ii John MORRIS was born about 1752.
  M iii Garrett MORRIS was born about 1754.
  M iv Willaim MORRIS was born about 1756.
  M v Callron MORRIS was born about 1758.
  F vi Sarah MORRIS was born about 1760.
  F vii Mary MORRIS was born about 1762.
  M viii Thomas MORRIS was born about 1764.
  F ix Elizabeth MORRIS was born about 1766.
  M x Jacob MORRIS was born about 1768.
  M xi Lewis MORRIS was born about 1772.

Philip MAGEE.Philip married Jamima MORRIS in 1812.

Jamima MORRIS [Parents] was born about 1765 in Chester County, SC. She died after 1830 in Rankin County, MS. She married Philip MAGEE in 1812.

Other marriages:


Henry FRANKLIN [Parents] was born in 1786. He married Sarah MCGUIRE about 1807.

Sarah MCGUIRE.Sarah married Henry FRANKLIN about 1807.

Thomas BARLOW.Thomas married Frances (Frankey) FRANKLIN in 1812.

Frances (Frankey) FRANKLIN [Parents] was born about 1792. She married Thomas BARLOW in 1812.

Other marriages:
HAWS, Rubin

Rubin HAWS.Rubin married Frances (Frankey) FRANKLIN in 1815.

Frances (Frankey) FRANKLIN [Parents] was born about 1792. She married Rubin HAWS in 1815.

Other marriages:
BARLOW, Thomas

Beasley CAMPBEILL.Beasley married Mary (Polly) FRANKLIN in 1813.

Mary (Polly) FRANKLIN [Parents] was born about 1794. She married Beasley CAMPBEILL in 1813.

William FRANKLIN [Parents] was born about 1796. He married Agnes ? Date Unknown.

Other marriages:

Agnes ?.Agnes married William FRANKLIN Date Unknown.

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